The Longest post ever, Part Deux. (But you can read it first if you don't want to scroll all the way down to part one, really.)

And here we go again, here are some photos from Greece.  Starting with Athens. (Please disregard my SERIOUSLY nasty hair from the first day, which of course is when we took most of the photos, but I did not have access to a blowdryer and well, you'll see the results below.)

The Italian Alps out of the plane window.
Walking around Athens after we arrived.
In the scary, tiny, mirror covered lift at our hostel.
Ancient Agora beetoches!

So puuuurdy.

Next stop, what? Acropolis!
The Parthenon
Shot of Athens from the Acropolis
Another shot of the city and my crazy mug.
A theatre at the base of the Acropolis which is still used today for concerts.
What up Zeus?!
Zeus' Temple
Some random stadium we happened upon that had the olympic rings, but isn't in the olympic town from the 2004 olympics, hmmm...
Athens = walking around random corners and being smacked in the face by awesome ancient ruins.
On the roof terrace of our hostel, you can see the Acropolis in the back on the left.
On the ferry in the morning to head to Santorini. What this picture doesn't illustrate: how stabby I'm feeling b/c I only got 2ish hours of sleep, the metro wasn't working and I had to take a cab and more importantly, about 150 Greek teenagers are banging on drums and chanting and it's only 7:30 in the damn morning.
Out to see on the Aegean.
One of several greek isle ports we pit stopped at.
Alas, 8 hours later, we made it to Santorini and the man who ran our villa picked us up, and this is the view from our room.
The steps down to the old Fira port, 588. File this knowledge away for a future photo.
I'm on a boat! :) We took a little boat out to the volcano that formed the island and to a hot spring, which was not so hot.
It was a little windy up there.
Remember those 588 steps? Yeah, this is how we got up. Donkey ride! I felt so bad for the little fellas though.
Some building on the way from Fira to our Villa
Day 2 in Santorini = us renting a car because it was intermittently raining. I forgot my license so Alexis was driving, and well, this is how I looked for most of the ride.
Shot of Oia (pronouced E-ya) which is on the tip of the island.
Perissa beach! Check out the black sand. This picture does NOT do the beach justice. The water was freaking teal.
Being a goober on Perivolos, the other black sand beach.
Our tiny little egg car!
The red beach
Shot from the car while we were driving around the island. See why I loved this place.
We found a little turn out to stop and take a photo.
Another shot of Oia, in the sunlight. Love it!
Blue doors, everywhere.
*sigh* I want to go back.
This little fella befriended us while we were having a snack in Oia. He was so friendly and check out those eyes! I wanted to take him home so bad!

And there you go, that's my spring break in a few photos. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed taking them. It has been nice to be in one spot for awhile though, and have clothes that don't smell like my suitcase on, but I had so much fun. Especially since all I've done since I've been back is sleep, grocery shop, do laundry and homework. Ugh. But I only have 2 weeks of class left, crazy!, and then the week after that I have 3 papers do and an exam and I'm done. I can't believe my time here is coming to a close so rapidly, it's insane.  

I'm still keeping my eye out for those gnomes, they're still on notice, and I don't want anymore train/bus flying incidents. Off to work on some classwork, shalom.


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