Maybe she plans to use them in tent city if the economy continues to suck

I'mdoneI'mdoneI'mdoneI'mdone!! With class that is, sadly not with coursework. One essay down, 2 to go.

Now that class is done though, it's weird b/c my "reason" for being here as ended and now it's really like vacation. Although that's what it has been all along really.

Today I was in the library looking for books for essay numero duex, and I walked past this dude in one of the little study cubicles.  Note: I WALKED PAST. I did not stop, I did not pause nor hesitate. In the few seconds that my nose was in the the vicinity of the air particles surrounding them I almost gagged. His BO was THAT bad. Sick and wrong. I won't be smelling things properly for a week now. Hmm... come to think of it, no one was around him and the library was packed. It all makes sense now.

Also, while walking home I saw a lady who must have clubbed MC Hammer and stolen his pants because she was wearing some seriously giant knickers.  I think she could have housed half the city, or clothed a whole third world country with the amount of material in those things. Not to mention you could have parked about 3 Hummers in each pant leg... each of which was tucked into knee-high boots. Nice. Seriously, it's the new fashion and it's ugly. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself here.

Sunday I went to (guess where....) The park! Though it was not planned. I went to the library initially (after sleeping in, ahhh... love Sundays) and worked on my essay, but then Claudia texted me that one of her flatmates was singing at an open mic in Camden and did I want to come. Uh, duh. I totally told her I was a hard core student working on important essays in the library and could not be bothered!

So about 30 minutes later we were on a bus headed to Camden. :) After the performance we wandered along the Regents canal and then into the park and to my favorite part, the English Gardens! Enjoy some sunshiny photos.

YAY! I love this park to no end! 

Up and out.


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