if i could punch it in the nads i would

I'm trying a new phenomenon known as "getting your ass up early and to the gym". This is NO easy task mind you. I? am not a morning person. I much prefer to turn all electronic devices to mortuary silence and sleep in my comfortable bed until I finally decide to stumble like a cave woman to the shower to start my day.

So when my alarm now sounds at 5:10 in the morning I have to resist the urge to chuck it across the room and watch it splatter...mostly because I'd have just busted my iphone and then I would have to weep. I'm on a hot streak though! I've managed 3 days in a row. Yup, 3. Not 33, or 333, just 3. But hey, it's a start. So far I'm liking this concept, so long as I can stick to the routine.

In other news there is a new trend rocking my generation that needs. to. die. And this is the trend of using "epic" to describe every stinking emotion, action, ordeal, discovery, exclamation, proclamation, disgruntlement and disappoinment.

It should not be used to describe a new Mikey Mouse Wii game.

Nor should it be used so haphazardly in car and travel commericals.

I don't want to hear it on the radio.

Or see it on your facebook.

I refer you to this little blog/web page posting on the topic, as this person does a far superior job of shedding light on the declining literary skills of my generation "Not Everything is Epic, Shitheads".

Of course, the one liberal use of epic that is reasonable if used in moderation is the epic fail. However, I'll let these guys be the judges of that concept.


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