The end is nigh

The time of fabulous pizza, drag queens and ball sweat inducing humidity is coming to an end. Today is my last day in the big apple and then tonight I am London bound. I'm sad to be leaving NYC but also incredibly excited to be back in London!

What have I done while I've been here you ask? Well, you read about my day with Alli D right? That means on Friday I was on my own in the city for most of the day. But, because I'm a total dumb dumb, I wore horrible shoes on Thursday and have now been battling the biggest blisters EVER on the bottom, yes, bottom of my feet. Specifically the pads of my feet which make walking oh so much fun. Riiiiight. But that hasn't stopped me! This is all that I saw on Friday, in list form of course:

Strawberry Fields in Central Park
The John Lennon Memorial Mosaic
More of Central Park
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Rockefeller Center
Radio city Musical Hall
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Chrysler Building
Empire State Building
Union Station
Union Square
World Trade Center

Plus, lady Kate and I went to a NY must, the Shake Shack, for dinner. Where I am apparently a failure. Not only did I have their "shroom burger" for vegetarians (fail 1: best burgers in town not consumed, though that shroom burger was mighty tasty!) but I had just a plain milkshake (fail 2: they have these things called concretes that are crazy concoctions with toppings in them). It was incredibly yummy though.

Saturday was kind of a lazy day. Lady Kate and I wandered around Williamsburg in Brooklyn, had a late brunch, went into the city, walked around a bit then met up with some of her friends at a bar to watch the world cup game....and get completely smashed before 5 o'clock. Kind of awesome. After that was a slightly drunken subway ride back to Brooklyn where we stood in line for about an hour for Grimaldi's pizza, pretty much the BEST pizza I've ever eaten. And Lady Kate and I may have polished off a pie and a half (my new friend Gabby had 1 piece, so I don't think that counts as help :).

What's up for today? Packing up my suitcase that has exploded and potentially checking out the Pride parade going on before taking my 1 hour cab ride to the airport (because I don't want to deal with luggage and 2 hours on the subway/air train, yes I'm lazy).

So Ciao NYC! Thanks for proving to me I am completely out of tourist shape. I've got the sore legs and the battle scarred feet to prove it. Until next time big apple.


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