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Hey'ya! As promised, here are the photos from Seattle. Not that most of you care since you've seen them on Facebook likely already, but for those who haven't, TA DA! I'm amazing, I know, it's ok, you can say it. There, don't you feel better? *ahem* Onward. ***Ignore the wacked out formatting at the bottom, I don't know what happened and I don't really care enough to spend the hours it would take to fix it, so enjoy!***

Getting ready to head into Pike's Place Market

Rawr. This shop had AMAZING finger puppets, I may have been a little too excited.

Lovely view of Seattle from Kerry Park.
I need to stop being friends with super models, they're bad for my self-esteem.
It's space. It's a needle. It's the space needle.

I want a wall like THIS!

Look, I'm being that guy from that drawing by that famous dude. You know, that one.

Road trip day! First stop: Port Townsend (PT). Read: Cold, windy but beautiful port city.

We finally made it all the way to Forks. It was kind of ghetto, let's just be honest. But still nifty.

Road trip day continued through Olympic National Park. Jaw dropping beauty!

Say Cheese!
Bella's ride ya'll!

Final stop on road trip day was La Push. Gorgeous beach and cliffs but as you can see here from my "Oh my fucking god this beach is freezing and this California girl is not used to this on a beach" face, it was a tad chilly.

La Push Beach is COVERED in drift wood. It was such a spectacular site. I had another picture uploaded on here that was a great view up the beach, but my dumb ass just deleted it and I'm not taking the time to upload it again. Get over it.

And yes, the treaty line is posted. Legit.

Last day in Tacoma was spent hanging out with my bestie and enjoying some sunshine outdoors. We checked out Stadium High School, which is featured in the 10 Things I Hate About you movie, walked around a bit, then finished up with some frozen cokes. The life.

And last, but certainly not least, we had dinner with Nicole, the best college roommate a girl could ask for. This face, right there, with the blond hair? I haven't seen since my 21st birthday. RIDICULOUS. Such a good dinner. Not good? Is what happened after dinner...

Unfortunately after dinner we discovered Katie's poor car Bonnie had a flat. No problem right? We coast to the nearest gas station, a mere 5 blocks from her place, and roll on up to the air thinking we'd air that bitch up and deal with it in the morning. HA. Fucking air machine was out of order. Right, we can change a tire. Jack it up, take the lug nuts off. Wait, damn lug nuts are on so freaking tight we can't get them off. So the nice gas station attendant takes loosens them for us. We try pulling the tire off, it won't budge, and by trying to get it off the car falls of the jack. Seriously, I almost crapped myself and felt so bad about the situation. So a nice (COMPLETELY HOT!) stranger stopped to help us, got his jack since ours was mangled, jacked up the car and it rolls backwards. This is like the tire changing story from hell! Finally the tire is almost off but in a precarious position and the jack is wobbling so I told Katie to call a tow truck so her car didn't die a painful, sad death in a gas station parking lot. 30 minutes later, I've never been so happy to see a large tow truck in my life! Note to self: No matter how nice the weather is in the day, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT wear cute little flats out in Tacoma at night or your feet will freeze when standing on pavement for an hour and a half or more.
Needless to say our last night was a little stressful, and definitely lacked the chill vibe we had all weekend, but it was still a bloody fantastic trip and I can't wait to repeat it again in May!
Now, can someone find me an inflatable boat, I need a ride to my car, these heels aren't ment for wading in parking lot sized puddles.


Katie said...

Love it. :) And my couch and tv are lonely without you!

And I'm seriously considering staking out Tacoma General to find that mighty fine man that helped us out!

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