Cheers and beers, those were the days....

Today is a memorable day. Why you ask yourself? Because exactly 1 year ago today I was on my way to London. Actually, right about now I was in London passed out in bed from freaking exhaustion, but, nevertheless, it's amazing how quickly time flies. I can't believe I left a year ago today to spend four months going on amazing adventures and living in what I consider the best city ever.

So here's to you London Town, I'd raise a glass of cider in you honor if I could find a decent place around here that had it on tap. And also? if I could make it there because my ass and thighs are so sore from the gym right now that I've been contemplating getting a glass of water for about 2o minutes but still haven't mustered the energy and gumption it would take to get up and get it. Wait, where was I? Oh yes, here's to you, ol LDN, you brought many adventures, great times, new friends and I can't wait to see you again this summer!


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