Domesticity is the name but it should be called "work your ass off for the 2 days you aren't being paid to work your ass off else where."

I have never felt more domestic in all my life. Seriously. I think I covered ALL my bases this weekend. The check list included:
Laundry including bedding and towels - check
Cleaning up leaves and pulling weeds in the back yard - check
Cleaning the apartment top to bottom - check
Getting needed household items from Target - check
Grocery shopping - check
Home cooked meal with leftovers for the week - check
Taxes done - check
Homework done - half a check :)

Oi! Too much for me really. All I need to add is baking cupcakes and I'd be on overload (which is why I plan on making them tomorrow night, I mean, I've got a reputation to uphold after all.)

On Friday night I went to Brewbakers with Meg and Dee and Bryan and Matty. Super fun. Ate some uber spicey pizza that is pretty much one of the hottest things I've ever eaten. The name should have given it away, Diablo. Note to self- pay attention to play on words from now on.

While cleaning up my sorely neglected back yard I made a gruesome discovery. I was sitting on my behind pulling weeds and reached towards the back of the flowerbed and what did my wondering eyes see.....but a freaking HUGE ass rat carcass. Yeah. Sick. So I used my new shovel and scooped it into the garbage bag. Then I promptly walked in the house and gave Heimy a generous helping of treats. Goooood kitty. :) Not that I advocate the killing of any animals, but I really don't like the idea of a 1.5 foot rat from head to tail scampering about and getting in my apartment. Sorry Mr. Rat, sometimes it pays to be at the top of the food chain.

Saturday night I went out again (I know, 2 nights in a row, unheard of for this old lady) to watch Bryan play with a band called Lit Up. They were pretty freaking awesome and had a great turn out. Now if only going out in this town didn't involve seeing people I'd rather not run in to, it'd be even better. Stupid small towns.

Lastly, I've been thinking long and hard lately about the idea of consuming meat. Weird you might think, but not really. I'm exposed every day at school to the world of Food Animals and meat consumption and don't get me wrong, I've been an avid carnivore since my teeth sprouted and I could wield a fork. But lately it's just been getting to me. I see these sentient beings everyday and while I know they're here for many reasons, including to promote the continuation of life through their death, I'm finding it harder and harder to be ok with eating them. Do I think I can completely go vegetarian? I don't know. But I'm going to give it a shot. Will I never eat meat again? I don't know, the thought of never having a steak or hamburger again or turkey during the holidays makes my stomach punch me from the inside to tell me no fucking way is it not going to enjoy that again. But I'm going to actively try to consume little to no meat. So, in lieu of that at the grocery store today I bought a meat substitute or vegetarian meat, and used it to make stuffed bell peppers and DAMN they were tastier than when I used ground turkey. See for yourselves.

MMmmmm Mmmmm good.


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