Hump day is never as exciting as the name implies.

Pain. Immense pain is what I'm in. Why? Because I agreed to train for this damn half marathon, THAT'S why! Not that my ass didn't need to get back in the gym. After about an 8 week hiatus during the most hectic semester of my life, I needed it... bad. But now I realize how out of shape I got in those 8 weeks, like seriously? Who knew. I feel like a banana that's been placed in a refrigerator and miraculously becomes bruised and nasty even though no one physically man-handled it.

The sister and I went to see Daybreakers , sans the brother because he's a giant wussy. I've been over at their place a shit load lately for no particular reason, and it's been pretty great! Love hanging out with those two, and getting yummy yummy free meals :) And they like my Wii, so it's a win win situation for all parties involved!

I just got back from a little vacay up to Tacoma to hangout with my favorite lady, Katie. We went to Seattle, which was awesome, and then took a drive in the North of the state through Olympic National Park and on over to Forks. Yup, Forks. Sadly? The town is kind of bunk, but they're all over the Twilight bandwagon there, and at least we can say we went there :) We took Butch with us, he was way excited. We also jetted on over to La Push, which was a beautiful beach covered in drift wood and had gorgeous cliffs all around. Pictures of this trip will follow soon. It was great spending time with Katie and just getting to veg out inbetween our adventures. I was introduced to the amazingness that is Weeds. Seriously, check it out if you're up for completely inappropriate shows, because it's awesome.

On Friday night we saw this really great band called Perry Acker at a little bar. A few rum and cokes later, life was sweet. I might have consumed my weight in red vines for the 4 days I was in Washington, but I'm totally looking forward to repeating it in May. What I won't look forward to repeating is coming home to my cat. Wait, let me rephrase, I will look forward to coming home because he's so sweet and wants massive lovings when I get home which is great, but I won't look forward to looking in the kitchen again and seeing little shitty kitty paw prints and looking further to discover he was not feeling well while I was gone and didn't make it to his box one time... So cleaning up cat shit for 20 minutes when I just got home from flying/driving for most of the day? No bueno.

Tomorrow begins another semester, barf. Which should be 1 of the 2 remaining semesters of my undergraduate career. Thankthefuckinglordforthat! I'm ready to be on to the next chapter of my life in so many ways it's ridiculous. RIDICULOUS.

Photos to come soon. If not, then I either 1.) Died in spin class tonight or 2.) drowned in a puddle.


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