Resolve this.

Another new year has come, and I'll admit I'm sad to see 2009 go. It was a damn good year! Here's to hoping this one will be almost as good, cause I'm not sure it can compete. I mean, c'mon, this time last year I was getting my shit together to go live in London for 4 months!! I don't know how that can be topped. Except getting accepted into grad school next fall would you know, make it pretty close (fingers crossed!). And today is my first day back to work after a 5 day weekend, which in all honestly, was pretty fucking amazing. 5 days. FIVE! By Friday I was thinking I had to go back to work and then I realized I still had 2 days of freedom in front of me. Amazing. I might have not gotten out of my PJ's yesterday and got sucked into a House marathon so therefore spent all day snuggling with Heimlich. Might.

This time of year everyone is making their "resolutions" which are really "Things I should have been doing all along but was a slacker and haven't done so now I'm going to resolve to do them this year! Even though I really know that in a couple weeks I'll get tired of keeping it up and quit again, resolving to try again next year." So I'm not making any stinking resolutions. I should resolve to start posting on here more like I used to, but why do that. I'll only end up feeling guilty and you'll only end up feeling neglected and empty inside when I don't, so I say we make each other happy and just accept that I'm a slacker who will try in a non-committal way to be less slacker-like.

In all honesty, I can't really think of anything I'd blog about in the past weeks since I last posted. Most of it would probably be depressing, and I'm not a fan of bringing y'all down. I am going to the PNW, Washington to be exact, next week to visit my dearest Katie and hopefully Nicole as well! It'll be good times and I'm definitely looking forward to it. I'll be going again in May for Brent's wedding, but I can't wait that long. Which means I'm again going to getting dirty looks from my cat when I open up the closet and pull out the suitcase. And when I leave that morning he'll ignore me and when I come home he'll pretend to be mad but really just want lots of loving and then to go outside. He's reeeeaallllyyy going to be cheesed at the end of the summer when I go to London (and hopefully NY to visit Caitlin!) and am gone for like 2 weeks. Again, this is why I'd be a horrible parent. I fill up the food and water feeders, clean the shit-box, leave a light on and lock my door on the way out. Can you do that with kids? I mean, they potty train too right?

Sara and I and a couple of our friends are beginning training for a half marathon in September. I'll admit, I shat myself a little when Sara mentioned it. 13.1 miles... of running... seriously? You might as well call the paramedics for me now and have them on stand by with some oxygen and a defibrillator. But we've started training anyways. Yoga to stay limber, spinning for a small slice of hell, and they've started a power sculpt class which I just can't get myself to get up for at 8:30 on a Saturday. Pff, right. But that mixed with constant cardio is what we're going. If only I could get my ass to do the constant cardio part! It's not as easy as it would seem. I want to run, I do, but getting my ass in gear to do it, not so much as easy as the "wanting" to part. So this should be an interesting journey. Let's hope the chubrub stays to a minimum. Oh, but the best part is the half marathon we're looking at is the Disney one! So you run through Disney Land, awesome, and can get discounted tickets to the park, also awesome.

So that's my first post of the new year. I resolve to not resolve to do anything in particular. How's THAT for not cheating on a New Year's resolution. HA!


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