A lesson in curtesy that I should have taught someone but thanks to hunger, they were saved.

Ok, here's the deal folks, when I get out of the gym after doing 4 miles on the treadmill and then a kick ass yoga class, I want to be able to run to my car (ok limp) and get in as quickly as possible because it's A.) cold and B.) I'm stinking STARVING. So I get to my car and some ass hat with a giant truck has parked in their spot AND in mine. No joke, I could not get in my car, and frankly, I think I might have barely have been able to squeeze my chubby ass between the two. So I had to climb in through my passenger door and crawl across to my seat THEN I had to fold in my sideview mirror to make sure I didn't hit their car because I'm nice like that.

Needless to say, I was pretty much cheesed and later realized, as my sister pointed out, I should have gone into the gym and made them page the owner to move it but meh, it was too fecking cold and I was ready to gnaw my arm off.

SO here's the memo folks, make sure you're in only your parking spot because next time, I won't be so nice!


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