Sunday funday? or just the day before Manic Monday?

Ah, Sundays. How I love, I mean hate... I mean love....or.. wait. I can't decide how I feel about you Sunday! My goals for today included: going to the gym, cleaning my apartment, reading for Animal Physiology and hanging out with Dee and Meg. I accomplished one of those things, can you guess which one? Yup, yup. It was totally reading for animal phys. JUST KIDDING! har, har, no brainer, I hung out with Dee and Meg. Which was super-duper fun, and chill, and great and included lots of laughing and making fun of Dee.... I mean.... love you Dee!!

I do enjoy the laziness that Sundays usually bring. Most Sundays I sleep in late, catch up on my DVR shows, which is check and done for this week, and then dread going to work, and now since the semester started, school just hours out. Boo, boo, BOO!

My favorite part of Sundays however, is this:

Snuggling with my old man is the best part of any day, but particularly on the weekends. We sleep in late, we wander to the kitchen to get breakfast, and then lay in bed watching TV most of the morning. :)

Now, I know when I told you all about my fabulous trip to Tacoma, I mentioned my recent love for the show Weeds. Well, I should also mention my recently found love for Chuck as well. This show is awesome! It was basically cancelled but was saved by another network and is back. on. You, right there, yes you, need to watch it because it's so ridiculously fantastic.

*sigh* I am now going to watch a bit of a movie before admitting defeat that Monday will surely arrive tomorrow and pass out to save my energy to survive another week.


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