Moving Officially Sucks

It's true. Packing, boxes, cleaning, shuffling crap from one pile to the next. Ugh. I officially LOATHE moving. Especially since as I'm moving out this Saturday I also have to think about what to box up and what to pack for London, making my life even more difficult. I'm a little saddened by having to tear apart my cute little apartment that I spent so long on to make it like home (and yet it took so much less time to pack it all up, what's the deal with that?)

Now begins the process of lugging boxes of heavy shit to my car, which, if you've ever lived in an apartment complex is no fun thing. Hopefully I can snag a spot semi-close to my apartment. But not matter what, I will be that sweaty, grunting, cursing, red-faced girl that all the neighbors are watching out their living room windows. (And I know this because, yes, I have been guilty of doing the same thing.)

Moving, you suck.


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