Photo montage time. Yeah, it's needed.

The need for a picture montage of recent events struck me hard late today, and here is the result.

I've clearly been spending FAR too much time doing school work, because these are the looks I get.

Abnormally large silverware is the new black.

Studying in Starbucks is helpful to get away from pitiful kitty stares, but provides other opportunites for entertainment. Such as a wad of lanyards hanging out of one boy's pocket. Hmm... I still haven't figured this one out.

Phallic icecream sculptures is where it's at these days.

I'm a fan of surprise gifts, just not the ones of the "get out of your car in the CSUF parking lot and find a used condom on the ground" variety.
Of course, it just means people are following the propaganda posted on the back of the bathroom stall doors.

Ahhh, the wonders of the world are just under our noses.


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