Today we remember while moving forward

Today? is Veteran's Day. A day to honor and remember all of those before today and currently who have fought to defend the freedom that we so enjoy. Today, I thank you Rod, Dan, Robert, Joshua, Scott, Frank and any whom I cannot call to mind, because you have made a difference.

On a day like today it seems fitting to try to think positively, which has not been one of my strong suits these days. It's hard to see the small joys around you when you're constantly worrying about the future and where you're going to end up. I stumbled upon THIS blog post and found that it warmed my soul a little and brought a smile to my face. A genuine smile.

So despite what you're going through, despite the pain or suffering or sadness that you might be feeling, remember that you are worthwhile. You are something. And you are special. These are words that even I forget and need to remind myself from time to time. Enjoy today, give thanks and remember.


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