Happy day before tofu-turkey-day

Today? Is a great day. Why might you ask? Here's why...

1. It's the day before Thanksgiving.
2. I got to wear jeans to work.
3. I get off an hour early because of the holiday.
4. I'm looking down the barrel of a four-fucking-day-weekend playas.
5. It's cold, so I got to rock my new long fuscia wool coat (hot!)
6. I had a super awesome lunch date.
7. I get to have TWO Thanksgivings this week.
8. With the four day weekend I'm thinking it might be time to make some peanut butter balls.
9. I realized that I have approximately 3 weeks until I am a college graduate (also slightly frightening but let's focus on the positive here)
10. I just received the most encouraging email from a prospective professor at one of the universities I applied to that makes my heart soar.

There they are, 10 not so random things that have made me smile today. Having been a bit blue lately, it's nice to not only feel great but stop and be thankful for all that I have. A loving family, AMAZING friends (even if they try to pimp me out to their brothers *cough* melissa! *cough*) and more blessings than I realize.

As for Black Friday plans, I intend to stuff myself at my mother's house and that's it. I will not join the crazies at 3 am to save $50. I will not rampage through a store for a sale. No. Because, in all honestly folks, we know I'd end up stabbing somebody. That's just how it would be. So any money saved would then have to be spent on bail and that's entirely too counter productive in my book. No, I much prefer to let my lazy ass sleep in and order my christmas presents off of the internet :)

So happy Thanksgiving y'all! May your blessings be many and your pants be stretchy!


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