Time to party like it's 1999, bust out the Nirvana and the baggy shirts...wait...


It's now 2011, I last blogged about Thanksgiving. I officially suck. Now people might say "Why don't you resolve to write more?" Meh. I don't make resolutions because then they just get broken and it's one more thing I've failed at, so rather than making myself feel increasingly inadequate I resolve not to resolve.

December was one ca-razy month. It flew by and that makes me both happy and sad. The last few weeks of schools were a torrent of research paper writing, final studying and taking all whilst decorating for Christmas and enjoying the season. But... now I'm an official college graduate, hooray! Christmas was wonderful, double hooray! and.... well, I don't have a third hooray, but it feels weird with just two. Alas, Christmas is over though and I wept a little as I took down my Christmas tree and packed up all my lovely decorations. So sad. What's even worse is that the holiday spirit, that season of giving and love and appreciation of family will peter off across the globe now that it's not in every one's faces and that breaks my heart a little.

What's up for 2011? I have no fucking clue. Thus far it has included the purchase of a new TV, wooohooo! Goodbye 19", you treated me well but frankly, you're just no fun particularly in the event of a wii mario kart party because 4 screens on an already tiny screen just does NOT cut it. So yes, I made another "adult" purchase and bought a fancy new flat screen. It's fairly large, but in reality it's nothing super fancy; however, to me it feels like a damn movie screen. When I bought it I was so excited, I got it home, I ripped open the package, grabbed my screw driver... wait, I don't have a phillips head? shit. This tiny one will totally work... or not. I grabbed my keys, flew to the store, bought a new screwdriver, came home and put the base together, put the TV on it, set it on the table that would become it's new home and VIOLA! Right? No. Because, while it was glorious, I now had a TV double the size of my previous one which meant I had to rearrange the entire living room. No problem, I can totally do that, right? Right. Four or five hours later (it's all lost in a haze of huffing, sweating, cursing, maiming myself and dropping things on my feet) all was reorganized but now! came the re-hooking everything back up to the new TV. Which proved incredibly complicated thanks to the rearranging because I now needed longer cords. AWESOME.

Day two: cords purchased, rush home after work to fix everything. Hook up the satellite...not working in one room. Curse, work on for an hour, SUCCESS! Hook up the surround sound, shit, wrong cords. Rush to the store, buy correct cord, rush home, hook up surround sound and...SUCCESS! Me. Wiring. Goddess. So, two days and several trips to the store later, I am now the proud owner of a properly connected new TV.

Ok, so 2011, maybe not so different yet from 2010, minus the fact that I gained 15 pounds during my last semester (freshman 15? try fifth year senior 15!) and am now determined to spend every waking moment at the gym. Well...let's be frank, at least 5 days because in all reality it'll be hard enough to stick to that. Completely ridiculous though. It's easy to deny your pants getting snug, "I'm just retaining water!" "Oh, I had a big lunch" "Maybe I'm PMS'ing!"... but stepping on the scale at the doctor's office, woah, wake up call.

What really chaps my ass though is all those people who resolve to work out, get in shape, lose weight! at the beginning of the year, so they flock to the gym, leave workout equipment everywhere and don't wipe down their machines because they don't know proper gym etiquette. They clog up the treadmills and hog the mats and machines so those of us who do go all year round are stuck going at odd times to try and avoid them. You people? While I applaud your initial effort to get in shape because starting is the first and hardest step... GET OUT OF MY WAY. Oi. And that, my friends, is what we call bringing a post full circle.

Enough of my gibberish, perhaps that's why I should blog more but again, let's be honest, I'm kind of a wanker who would forget to put pants on before leaving the house if it wasn't so blasted cold outside.

Watch out, I hear 2011 will bring the zombie kitty apocalypse.


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