i think they're using a quite liberal interpretation of cuisine.

What is the deal with frozen meals? I get that they're quick and easy but damn they just do not look delicious at all. Why would I want to eat a crusty, shriveled up, freeze dried carrot when I could just pack a little snack-pack of fresh carrots in the morning? Or, I get if you want to have one every now and then for ease because hey, maybe you found one that IS just that delicious. But it kills me when I see people eat these little guys every. single. day. Every day. Now I'm a creature of habit, I tend to order the same thing at restaurants because I know I like it, often I pack the same thing for lunch everyday during a week because I'll make a huge vat of egg-salad. But I can't imagine choking down re-hydrated anything day after day after day after day.

Not to mention the smell these suckers emit when being heated up. It's like a stink bomb mixed with mustard gas and that shit lingers. It's enough to make my stomach clench and burn my nose hairs.

So please, consider those around you, in the same building or even the same zip code when you zap one of these babies back to life every fucking day, because you're making it hard for me to enjoy my sandwich and apple. And are they really all that lean? Or enough to feed a Hungry Man? I mean, they're tiny. Perhaps this is just another one the universe's mysteries that I will never understand.....and maybe don't want to.


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