just like dr. phil except with more hair and bigger boobs.

One extremely vital part of life is being a good listener I think. I try and be open and willing to listen to people who seek out my ear drums to discuss their problems or what have you, which in my opinion, I think I'm pretty successful.  Whether your issues are with your job, your spouse, your friend, your mom, your pet, that asshole who blocks your driveway with his garbage can or with that co-worker that you want to stab, I'm completely willing to listen, nod sympathetically and try to help you come to a solution for the situation, even if that solution is just to sit down with a bottle of rum and bad mouth the mother fucker until dawn.

However, there are lines people. LINES. Boundaries one might say. Whereas I might call up my best gal pal to discuss the in's and out's of bodily functions or weird medical issues, I would NOT delve into these topics with perfect strangers.

Perfect example. You walk into an office and the young(ish) receptionist proclaims that your twin toddler girls are extremely adorable and my, what a handful that must be! It is ok for you to say thank you and perhaps mention that they're nothing compared to their four older brothers. It is not ok that upon reply from the young(ish) receptionist, for you to then dive into how you and your husband had only wanted one more child, but had twins, so that when you had to go in for a minor procedures they tied your tubes but even THAT didn't work because you were then plagued with a tubular pregnancy at which point you had to have your ovary and such removed.
Do you hear that? THAT is the sound of an over share. Over. Share. This is information, that while I feel for you because that must have be mildly unpleasant, I do not ever need to know. I will never see you again (hopefully). You have also just greatly reduced my already slim desire to have children, logarithmically. So while my face might appear sincere and understanding, inside I'm screaming at you to shut your damn pie hole because I don't give a damn, just fill out your paper and sit down.

I'm not sure what it is about me that encourages people to share these things with me, but if you aren't willing to discuss the results of your morning bathroom visit with me, by all means prevent my inevitable psychotic breakdown by limiting the over shares.


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