and we're off like a turd of hurtles.

Hey y'all! Remember that time that I said I was getting a shop up and running on my blog? And the time before that? Well guess what? It's actually done.

That's right, it's done.

Now it's still a brand new baby fresh from the womb, so if there are any glitches or problems, just hang in there with me and if you see something feel free to shoot me an email.  For now, the only thing available are headwraps (which are awesome and I rock mine all the time), but stay tuned because I plan on adding more things!

Have a look. Tell your friend. Tell your neighbor. Share the love. I've got an education to fund! :D

Click on the shop button on the top right of the page or go ahead and click riiight HERE!

And thanks for stopping by!


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