if you don't think this is funny, then you should be stabbed.

My friend Dee finds pearls of wisdom out on the Internet and I think that this one should be shared. Poor sad cloud. No more dancing and singing in his pee, ok folks? No happy swinging on light poles and tossing of the umbrellas, you're hurting his feelings!

That being said, I need me some sunshine soon or I'm going to go even more bat shit crazy. I love me some chilly weather, I just love it when it comes with a fat side of sun to go with it. I need to wear my cute pink sunglasses. And I mean neeeeeeeed! And when it's cold and dreary I have no motivation to go to the gym, which is what I need to be doing. And by need I mean neeeeeeeeeeed. Because guess who is signing up for the Disney Half Marathon again? Yup. It's become abundantly clear that I like to torture myself. But honestly, I had a great time last year and I'd like to improve my time. So I'm registering, but the only problem is that I might not be able to run it if I happen to have moved to school by then. The moving is not so much a bad thing because then it means I got in somewhere, and I can postpone until the next year for the run if I need to. But either way, I need to be getting in running shape, and any shape actually, because this circle I'm turning into is no bueno.

I'm feeling the need for change these days. I keep fighting the urge to change my house, my hair, my bedding, my tattoos, my life. Everything. I guess I'm getting restless since it's been over 6 months since I traveled anywhere and I must be getting that urge again. Guess it's time to scour the internets for some cheap air fare. Or sell a kidney. I did mortgage one already for graduate apps though. Hmm...I've got two ovaries...maybe I can sell one of those...


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