but when you send them make sure they have some liquor on hand.

Sometimes being creative is SUCH a curse.

Not that I'm a fantastically, awesome, amazing artist and creator, but I hold my own occasionally.  But, because I like to get crafty it means that there is SO MUCH CRAP in my house. And by crap, I mean supplies, memorabilia, pictures, cute postcards I run across and on and on that I know someday I'll use to create a masterpiece but right now it's just fucking driving me bonkers because I'm trying to clean out and organize my life now that I have some time and it's proving far more difficult than it seemed in my head.

If no one hears from me in a few days, send the paramedics, send hoarders, send somebody, because you're sure to find me buried under a pile of pictures and paint with some yarn tied around my neck.


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