in this case i'm really happy i'm just an idiot and not a dude

Here's the thing, I? am completely retarded.  No really, I am. People must think I'm either drunk or just off my meds the majority of the time. I have this innate ability to take a random situation and turn it into the most awkward encounter possible.So when I dial a number and punch in the extension that I just KNOW belongs to my dear friend and then when she answers and I begin the interaction as I normally would, like a complete jackass, and then quickly realize something is wrong and immediately the jack-ass dial turns to 'blubbering-confused-awkward-kid', I am again reminded of why I shouldn't be allowed to ever leave the house or interact with other homo sapiens.

Actual conversation between myself and the gal who is not my friend but was nice so maybe I should try calling her again to see if she wants to be friends.

Megan: Hello?

Me: That's not how you normally answer the phone.

Megan: Excuse me?

Me: Is this Megan?

Megan: Yes it is!

Me: Oh, ok. I was confused because you answered the phone strange. And... you sound weird.

Megan: I do?

Me: Yeah... um, (now fully realizing something is very wrong and starting to stammer and sweat like a baffoon) .... I think I have the wrong extension. I'm looking for Megan (insert last name here)

Not-My-Megan: Oh *laughs*, yup, you've got the wrong number. I was wondering why I didn't recognize your voice.

Me (now completely mortified): .....*crickets*... yeah, can you transfer me to her?

Not-My-Megan: I'll try, sorry if I hang up on you!

Me: *garbled words because things have gotten way awkward*

Almost as award as this picture.



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