bananas in pajamas

The happiest days on earth have to be Fridays that precede three day weekends. I'm thinking this should be recognized an international awesome event.

Despite this happy news, Friday was a dreary one - weather wise that is - which is really disconcerting considering I ACTUALLY got up early enough to wash and dry and do my hair before work.... only to open the front door and deflate (emotionally) as I came face to face with dense, wet, fog.  Within seconds of exiting my front door my naturally-curly-smothered-by-hot-appliances hair busted free of its silky straight chains and revolted into a mess akin to this:

Scary right? You're telling me. So all that work and it wound up in a freaking ponytail anyways. Awesome.

The rarely seen beast known as the three day weekend was spent doing a multitude of things but basically involved three basic components: eating, laughing, yarn.

Friday and Saturday were spent with the ladies doing a mixture of shopping, maiming ourselves, crocheting, movie watching, Starbucks enjoying, card playing, and laughing myself into an asthma attack. NOW, you might say, pffff, maiming, of course you maimed yourself moron, it's what you DO. However, I was not the one who whacked their head on metal rack while trying out a chair in Marshalls thankyouverymuch. But I was the one who nearly peed her pants laughing.  Sunday was spent in F-town at the zoo! and Monday? was spent in my pajamas....watching Deadliest Catch..... I can't stop myself. I'm sucked into a crab catching vortex.

This week the spring semester at my now Alma mater begins and I can't help but feel a little strange about it all. It feels weird not to be whining about the cost of my books and the amount of gas I'll be using and such, but also? it feels fucking AWESOME.

You may or may not have noticed a new addition to the blog page, on the top right you'll see a brightly colored new image, if you click on it, it'll take you to the shop page :) (which is still being worked on) I'm almost there with getting everything up and ready to go! But for now, onward and consume caffeine my friends, because while 3-day weekends are glorious, 4-day work weeks are evil little bastards.


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It wasn't MY FAULT!!! (and it really hurt, you jerks)

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