Words out, we kind of rock

My stupid internet is actually working right now, so I'm attempting to upload some of the craptacular quality videos I took during the concert on Saturday (for you Katie! and for me because lets face it, I'm pretty much a selfish bastard).

The rein of most uncoordinated is still mine. I managed to:
1.) run into my aunts office door
2.) trip over the box that's been next to my desk for a week
3.) hit my head on the car window at lunch
4.) splice my thumb open with my own fingernail.. from the index finger of the same freaking hand and managed to break that nail while doing it.

And this my friends, was all during an 8 hour work day.

It's come to light that I pretty much have the most kick ass, loyal friends ever. Ya'll pretty much rock my face off. I don't usually get super sentimental, and when I do it's usually tainted by some snarky remark, so don't blink cause you'll miss this.... are you ready... "I love you man!" Annnnd the moment is gone.

It's taking a damn millenia to upload these suckers, and I need to pass out soon b/c I'm surly enough with sleep, so without it, lets just say, woooah. What this boils down to is tonight, you get Paramore vids, and tomorrow, if you're lucky, No Doubt vids. 

Enjoy the show kids, I sure as hell did.


Katie said...

Bloody Fantastic!

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