I'm not implying the race is androgynous because you simply can't trust a meth-head's judgment*

Tuesday officially became a randomly awesome day.

Firstly, I need to say a huge CONGRATU-FREAKIN-LATIONS to my friend Katie for not only having an interview yesterday with an awesome firm that she wanted to work for but also for getting the job! You rock lady! :D And now I can come visit you, possibly on our intended 6 month interval! I owe you one rum and coke to celebrate.

For lunch I went to Boston with "the crew" and as we're walking up someone calls out to me and what do you know, but trouble times two is heading towards Boston as well in the form of Megan and Denise (who apparently tried to call and text me but I'm totally lame, I mean, cough completely popular like that and just can't get to my phone all the time, jeez...), but they wanted me to meet them there, so it was like fate.

Then, Lindsey is in town from Arizona and we got together after work to have dinner and a coffee date (and she looks totally cute with her baby bump, by the way, though it still freaks me out that my friends are all getting married and now starting to have kids because I am in no, way, shape or form ready to do either of those things as I'm still a huge kid myself half the time, selfish? me? hell yes!). We went to Chinese food and my lord, most amazing experience ever. This group of ladies came into the restaurant and sat in this secluded boothy area for large parties. But then this lady, completely h-town style with 14 layers of eyeshadow, looked mildly like a meth-head, and was ghetto beyond all belief, stands up and starts staring out over the little partition wall at all the other patrons with her crazy eyes, and then she sits down. Then one of her gang friends - I mean companions does the same thing. THEN a little while later, ol' googly eye half-way stands up and starts going:

"Excuse me? Sir? Young sir come here. Excuse me! Sir! Can you come here please?"

Totally, thoroughly confused as to what in the hell this bat shit crazy lady is doing, Lindsey and I are kind of gawking with our mouths hanging open and then when I realize she's bellowing at the poor female waitress, I about pissed myself laughing. Lindsey was like "Is she talking about the waitress?" Um, yeah. Told you. Meth-head. Gotta love this town.

After dinner we head to Starbucks and who do we run into, but our ol' buddy CJ. We chat for a bit to catch up and then order our drinks (I am so in luuurve w/ Caramel Fraps it's fucking ridiculous) and the barristas working were just awesome. So nice and friendly and chatty, which normally pisses me the hell off because all I keep thinking is "I'm not here to be your damn friend so make my drink so I can get the hell out of here and enjoy it in silence" (so I'm a tad anti-social. shut. up.) but it wasn't annoying. We sat outside while the sun set and enjoyed our drinks and finished catching up on each other's lives. So great.

Once I got home, the cat-bad-mom-for-being-gone-ALL-day guilt kicked in, so I stayed up later than usual to make sure my old man was happy. Being that he's stuck inside all day until he gets used to the place and I can let him out, I feel ridiculously bad when he doesn't have any company all day. So we hung out on the couch while I watched some VMars, and based on his state here,

I think he likes the new place just fine. :)

Also, I think I know what the hell was wrong w/ my jank pinky on Monday. I think I may have burned it closing my car door and not realized it, which is really freaking ridiculous that it is hot enough for that to happen.

*If you don't know what androgynous means, check it out here. (I do what I can to help the vocabulary of America, now go use it in sentence, get creative, but don't get fired.)


Katie said...

You know what's even funnier - that after telling you that I burned my hand on my car door, I read on your blog that you think that's what happened to your pinky. hahahahaha

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