Kind of like robocop on crack

Wow. Thursday? Really? Not Friday, but thursday? Sucktastic.

It's been a busy busy day, and honestly, pretty soon you're not going to be able to find me at my desk, because as you can see, it's um, not looking so hot.

Freaking August... oh wait, it's till July, then I want to know why everyone is on crack b/c this is just WRONG. And yes, my mess extends alll the way to the box lid in the left corner full of handbooks. Hmm... shit.

So I had another peanut go missing today, I know right? You're thinking "Jesus can't you keep track of those things woman?" and the answer is "No, so shut yo' face." I couldn't find it, and I made a thorough pat down check this time. A little while later I slid my shoes on to go out front (because yes they are rarely on my feet when I'm at my desk, I'm an oakie child at heart, so sue me, on second thought don't, because I don't have any money already and I have enough student loan debt to finance a small country so I don't need to make it any worse) and when I jammed my left foot into my shoe I had a princess and the pea experience, only it was more like the secretary and the peanut experience. The slippery sucker dropped into my shoe, weird (and no I did not eat it after that, that's gross, how could you even think that.)

Megan and I had lunch today and we've decided that um, we're pretty awesome and should do it more often.

Yeah that's it, I'm out of here, off to call ATT and chew some ass for my internet service STILL NOT WORKING at home, which is totally bollocks.


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