If your morning smells like feces, that can't be a good sign.

When you have to start Monday morning off with a coffee just to wake-up when you're not normally a morning coffee person... that is a bad sign. It could also be that I knew this is what was waiting for me when I got to work.

*someday I'll see my desk again... someday*

I'm telling you I either need another vacation or a body double because for some reason my social calendar is too busy and since when did that happen? Friday night was my first official night "entertaining" in my new place! Dinner was cooked and consumed and the Wii party commenced (and so did learning that I really suck at Wii Mariokart, which was quite a blow to the ego). Then began Saturday, which was the longest fucking day on the planet. Up at 6:30, at the high school bowl at 7 to run with my class. 2 miles, 4 sets of stadium stairs, 6 sprints and 1oo lunges later I made my way to Sara's to organize picking up my washer and dryer that I scored for $100 (*fist pump!*). First stop - grandparents to pick up handtruck, Second stop - friend's house to pick up W/D and visit, Third stop - my place to unload (thank you to the best sister and brother-in-law around). Fourth stop - my couch for a much needed nap. Mom and company then came over to help hook up said W/D and bolt my head board. Fifth stop - back to grandparents to return hand truck, Sixth stop - the bank. Seventh stop - Megan and Denise's and Eigth stop - the fair where oh-so-much excitment was found. I don't know what the hell was up with me, but seriously, I was one sweaty beast when we got to the fair and was not wearing a sweat friendly shirt if you catch my drift. Let's just say lifting my arms up was NOT an option that evening. We wandered to fair, saw the bunnies (and one tried to commit suicide out of Denise's arms), and then meandered into the concert for the evening curtesy of Josh Gracin. Not a bad show really, and his guitarist/fiddlist/harmonica-ist was pretty dang hot, which helped.

Also, I may have met the love of my life there. Isn't he lovely?

*Ah, it's good to be back in h-town... HAHAHAHAH*

Josh Gracin also made an appearance in the crowd for his encore, and then walked through us to get to the stage. He kind of ran into me, but I'll let it slide, you know, since he's a celeb and all. After the show we went to find the house of mirrors so I could witness Denise in all her mirror-running-into glory and you know what, THAT THING FUCKING BLEW! I spent $4 bones to go in and it sucked, suckity-suck-sucked! But, on the bright side, we did get to see this lovely gem on the way to the beer garden afterwards. I had to resist stealing it from the young girl.

(click to enlarge...)

After passing out Saturday, I woke up bright and early Sunday to go to church w/ the grandparents and then head to a baseball game with my Papa. The game was great, a little long as it went 12 innings and despite the shade we were in I got a massive farmer's tan sunburn on my arms, but by the time we got home I was so freaking tired I went home plopped on my couch and only moved to eat dinner and go to bed.

But exhaustion is not an option! This week is full-o-fun including the MIDNIGHT RELEASE OF HARRY POTTER! which I'm totally going to, and having dinner with Aubs! who I haven't seen since we got back from London, so that'll be awesome.

Here's a few tips/thoughts/words of advice to leave you with:

1. I'm still going to stab this safety plan in the face.
2. Flipcharts suck ass to make.
3. Men - if you blow up the bathroom at work, USE THE CURTESY SPRAY! so that when I walk in the hallway I don't gag at the smell wafting out.
4. Don't make me repeat myself over and over again (fyi intern: you're on notice.)
5. Always wear good underwear, you never know what could happen.



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