Basically it's like doing a community service to the world ok

I need to rant for a few minutes. If you could give a shit less, skip down, or go away, because why would you read this is you didn't A.) give a shit or B.) want to laugh at/with/whatever me or C.) are NOT a douchebag (sorry, no douchies aloud).

1. Why do people back into parking spots?? This drives me BERSERK!! I want to stab them all in the face and and scream at them that whether they back into the spot or back out, they have to back up EITHER WAY! And it causes more traffic jams when they back in because they have to try harder not to hit the other cars next to them. Fucking park like a normal person so we can all get on with our lives.

2. Shufflers. Note to you shufflers: pick. up. your. feet. There are several shufflers in my department and the sound of their scuff-scuffing around is enough to drive a deaf man to cut off his ears. I want to put sticky tape on the toes of their shoes so when they try to shuffle their feet stick and they have to pick them up to move, kind of like when you put tape on a cats paw and they freak out.

Ok, so only 2 rants, but hey, this is serious stuff people.

I went to Starbucks on my way to work this morning and there was this old person in the car in front of me in the drive thru that presented this problem that I feel compelled to share with the world because I'm nice like that. Um, I couldn't tell if it was a man or woman, basically. So I figured, HEY look for facial hair cause it kind of looked like "they" had a mustache, but then I realized that there are lots of old ladies that have mustaches too, so how in the fuck are you supposed to be able to tell them apart if the old ladies refuse to maintainence that shit?? What I'm saying is don't be a mustachioed woman, clean it up ladies, so I can tell whether you're an old man or lady, mmmk?

Sara and I are heading to San Francisco this weekend to check out the No Doubt/Paramore concert and I'm pretty much so excited I might have wee'd myself a little. Not only do I get to see 2 kick ass bands, but I get to hang with my sis, so that'll be all good (so long as I don't get irritated and want to shank her or she doesn't get mad and punch me... it really hurts... she underestimates her buffedness. bitch.)

Just in case you're curious my obsessions for this week are:
1. Tudors - um, kind of basically awesome and the more shirtless Jonathan Rhys Meyers the better I say!

2. Farm Town on Facebook - curses to whomever told me to sign up for that application because it's so god damn addicting. I have to harvest and plow and grow more crops than anyone else because I'm totally fucking competitive I care about helping to provide food for the virtual world. Anyone feel like plowing? (and I die with second grade giggles everytime someone types in the chat "I'm an excellent plower!" "Will plow!" "I'll plow!" hehehe)

3. Taylor Swift's 'Fearless' cd - I'm not a huge country fan, but this CD is kind of great, very sing-a-long-able.

4. My sister's salsa - it's the shit, nothing else need be said.

Off to harvest some grapes, if they go to waste like they did a couple days ago, I just might lose my shit.


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