Pirate booty galore

You're in luck, b/c I remembered another rant I wanedt to post the other day (and this one makes me sound like even more of an asshole, squee!)

3. People who get stomach stapling, shrinking, rubber banding surgeries piss me off. PISS me off. Especially when they lose 65 lbs in a couple months or less doing ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING, when I busted my ass at the gym and ate right for almost 3 years to lose 75 lbs. You all, can suck it. Yeah, yeah, they have a "medical" reason... it's called being fat and not wanting to put forth the effort. I was fat too people, but I sweated, and I grunted my way to losing those pounds. Freaking cheaters.

Now, on less ranty/happier notes, my sis and I went to the Bay area this weekend to see No Doubt and Paramore in concert and needless to say we had our faces. rocked. I'll post photos as soon as my internet at home is working... again (ATT you're no longer on notice, you're in deep shit. someone will be getting an earful shortly!) The weather was beeeautiful and we contemplated straping the bed from our hotel room to the roof of her car b/c it was so fucking comfortable. I'd like to share some primo sister-talk gems with you. She sometimes likes to create her own words. Today's are "Knucklebutt" and "Faginator". I know, I know, she's kind of a genius.

Um, I'm still pretty much addicted to farmtown. It has kind of taken over my life. Seriously. I think I have a problem. But I'm almost to level 17 bitches! HA! Oh, speaking of bitches, if you're not an Always Sunny in Philedelphia fan then get the fuck out of here because we can no longer be friends..... still here? Then good, we're cool. The promos for the new season look AMAZING. Hello, Kitten Mittens? Glorious. I'd post a link to a youtube of it, but the internet I'm currently using doesn't allow me access (read: I'm at work).

I found this gem at work today:

Amazing, I know. I ALWAYS send boring overboard. It's a gift, you can be jealous, it's ok.

Now, if only I had some kitten mittens to go with my hat, I'd be golden.


Katie said...

Hmmm...kitten mittens. So precious.

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