Revenge of the Mondays or why having a weekend sucks because there is an end to it: part duex

As promised, horror filled stories full of humor and bodily functions from my family camping trip.

Except now that I'm sitting here trying to remember them.... I freaking can't, of course. I can tell you that my mom's boyfriend got super drunk and fell over their ice chest in front of their tent, which was kind of awesome. We got yelled at by the rangers because they have a 10pm "quiet time" rule, which apparently is like when you're at summer camp and they call lights out because they actually don't want you to be quiet, they want you to be silent and go to bed (not that I would ever know because I never went to summer camp because apparently my parents are assholes. Actually, no, I'm not really sad I missed out on the bug biting, canoe tipping, girl back stabbing action, so thanks mom!) ANYWAYS, so we thought we were being quiet, and by we I mean me and my sis and brother-in-law and cousins around my age who were sitting around playing drinking games, but the ranger thought otherwise (wanker). So Sara and I run to the bano after a game and realize the entire fucking campground is asleep, except for us. It was kind of creepy. And since we had consumed many alcohol units in a short amount of time we found this funny, as we skipped to the bathroom (I wonder if the song skip-to-my-lou stems from skipping to the bathroom, aka the loo.. hmmm?) and then we tried to giggle quietly, but that never happens.

Oh, also, earlier in the day Sara and I made a trip to the bano (hmm.. I sense a theme here) and when we get there, there are a bunch of teenage girls in the place because there is a bunch of YMCA groups there, and then all of a sudden it goes silent, and Sara sings "I think we're alone now.." and I chorus "There doesn't seem to be anyone around.." (yeah, we're kind of awesome, deal.) which of course made us laugh the rest of the day. And, earlier in the day she and I were playing Phase 10 and in this dumb game you have to make runs of cards, as it's kind of like rummy, and I blurted out "The runs are hard!!" which if you have a dirty gutter mind like me, instantly made me laugh because that's kind of a paradox. If it's the runs, it can't be hard. HA! :D

Sadly that's all the funnies I can remember. Work has been hell these past two days, but I'm officially the job description QUEEN as I've printed, organized, collated, etc. 326 job descriptions for our meetings at the beginning of August in 1.5 days, which is a new record ladies and gents (feel free to applaud, it's ok, you know you want to).

Also, I just found out that my "girls night out" dinner with my ladies from the gym has turned into a fucking couples dinner with me as the 9th-mother-fucking-wheel. Someone. shoot.me.please.

Maybe I can get the runs in the next couple hours...


Denise said...

Oh my god. The last 3 sentences made me laugh so freaking hard! I was trying to be stealth as I read your blog at work, and then I read that and about shot water out of my nose. My boss was all, "What's so funny?" And I said that I was choking, not laughing. LOL

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