Dorothy got some things right

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. After the world's longest day I finally made it back to H-town. It's kind of weird, but a good weird. Longest flight ever because of a couple of delays, but not too shabby, and I got to watch 4.5 awesome movies including Australia, The Reader, Revolutionary Road, Max Payne (where does this fit with the others you ask? Helllooo, Marky Mark is in it, duh.) and about half of the Young Victoria, which I've already seen so that's all gooooood.

It was so nice to get to an airport and have people there I knew! Rather than immediately having to navigate my way to some bus system to figure out. So awesome. AND because my family is amazing, I totally had a jamba juice waiting for me in the car. It doesn't get much better than that ladies and gents. :) So after the long car ride home and right before I went to bed, my cat made his appearance too, and that was just the icing on the cake. I missed my old man! And now he won't leave me alone, hahaha, poor guy, I'm sure he has abandonment issues after all the times I've moved. But I always come back!

So what is on for today you ask? Uh, dumb question, TARGET! I'm showered, fed, and ready to get in my cute little car, drive around town, and blow a bunch of money at the world's greatest store. Oh Target, how I've missed thee. Then, well, who knows! If anyone wants to have lunch or hang out this week, just hit me up, I'm a free bird, except for Wednesday, as family lunches are back ON for me. My cell # is the same for those of you who have it, fyi.

Alright, Target, in the words of one of the best songs ever, "Watch out here I come!"


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