The hits (and hilarity) just keep on coming.

Wow, today is TOTALLY shaping up to be a freaky Friday (which clearly means lots of these things because I have to tell someone about this and no one is around, so thus, viola, here we are).

Some bat-shit-completely-fucking-crazy old lady just came into the office. Of course she comes in when I'm getting ready to swap out with my receptionist to cover her lunch. She's talking crazy about all kinds of things referring to herself as the "Bitch RN", seriously lady, wtf? And finally after about a 3 minute tirade of sorts to which I'm not sure if I'm supposed to respond to what she's saying or if this is merely how she introduces herself to strangers, she goes "Well, what can we do about this? Who can I talk to? Is this where the kids go to school?"

Um. No.

I nicely try to explain what our office does with a smile on my face, but she doesn't understand, and then starts going for the business cards to get someone to talk to (I have no clue what card she took, but I pity that person....) and then as my receptionist is heading out the door, she turns and follows her, still talking the whole way.

Perhaps one of the more entertaining moments of the day.

It's totally a starbucks in the afternoon kind of day, Bikini body class be damned.


nads said...

oh my goodness. this made me laugh out loud. i don't miss it at all!

ok, maybe a little :)

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