Now all I need is a walker and some tennis balls and I'll be set

Hell must have frozen over. Seriously. I'm not kidding. Because if hell hasn't frozen over, then someone needs to explain to me how my ass managed to run a mile with stairs in 14 minutes. Yes, I know that is no marathon time there, but for someone like me who hasn't "run" a mile or anything EVER, that's pretty fucking amazing. However, it made me realize I am a young-old lady. My hip hurts so bad I feel like I need a walker. WTF?

On Saturday my friend Megan and I had a Harry Potter movie marathon! (Yes we are nerds and yes we made Denise watch some of them with us, but you know you're jealous!) We thought we'd planned enough time to watch all 5 in a row... uh, not. We only made it through number 4. But have no FEAR! We will watch numero 5 right before we go see the new one when? July 15th of course! And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you need to go here before I kick you in the teeth. I woke up on Sunday with a slight sugar hangover from Saturday. OH, but prior to the awesome HP-a-thon, Sara and I braved $2 tank-top day at Old Navy. Man-oh-man do the quality people of Hanford show up when there is a sale. I'm really surprised Sara or I didn't lay someone out. There were so many people there it was ridiculous. I kind of wanted to stab someone, but refrained... barely.

Moving day is this weekend, and I'm so excited and yet not. I hate moving, but the good thing is that everything is already boxed and ready to go, we just have to unload it from my storage unit. I'm super excited about my new apartment/house (b/c it's that big, and if you don't think 14oo sq. feet w/ walk in closets is big then you can just get out. now.) and can't wait to make it all super cute! It means I have to buy some more furniture, like a chair for my living room and such, but that's ok I suppose. Who doesn't like getting new things? And with the state of the economy, mayhaps I can find something cute and CHEAP!

FYI: I feel like my hips are going to fall off. Now while I know that it's kind of physcially impossible for your hips to fall off, it makes me start thinking, what if they actually did. Would they take your legs with them? Or simply detach from both ends. Either way you'd be in pieces and that would just suck. But seriously, they hurt like no bodies business, this cannot be a good sign.

p.s. Don't call HR with questions on immunizations for your student when they don't even go to one of my schools and then get pissy with me because I don't know if your child needs another TB test or not b/c you don't understand the letter from the nurse. Seriously woman, I will hurt you. CALL THE EFFING SCHOOL!


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