Worst birthday gift EVER

The Flu. Here's a tip: make sure you get a gift receipt on that shit because it sucks, hardcore. Just what you wanted for your special day: stomach cramps complete with fever, nausea, body aches, and that's just the beginning! It's like the gift that keeps on giving.

Because of said flu I missed my class at the gym (which frankly I'm not so sad about b/c being in a perpetual state of soreness and pain, is already old and we're only 2 weeks in folks, so not a good sign). But that means another one on one session with the trainer, which means she'll kick my ass more than if I was in class, which frightens the snot out of me.

I've been feeling a bit stab stabby at work trying to clean up and figure out what's going on at my desk after four months of being gone. I'm not blaming anyone, and really if I wasn't so OCD and anal about my stuff it probably wouldn't be such a big deal, but man, it's really starting to chap my ass having to redo things.

Also, I want to smack my neighbor and throw his windchimes at him that make it impossible for me to sleep at night because they clang clang together allll night long. Seriously, not a soothing noise my friend, not at all.

And lastly, I really wish this dude would call me to tell me I got the apartment I want, because, duh, I want it. Like now. Stat. Pronto. Immediately. ASAP. You get the jist. I just turned my app in Friday, but honestly, like he's going to find a better tennant? Pff. Right. So I'm calling tomorrow. Don't want to seem overbearing, but fuck, I want it, so screw it.


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