It's going to have to be amputated from the elbow

Welcome to Monday. I'm so tired I had to drink a diet pepsi before 10 am so I didn't pass out with my face smashed on my desk. Not a good start to the week. Thankfully it's only a 4 day week, yay!

Move Day 2 went relatively well. I managed to get everything from my sister's, my tv's set up and almost everything is out of boxes, which is nice. However, move day 2 also consisted of bringing over my furball oldman, and let's just say that's always a traumatic experience for all parties involved. Thankfully my place is only a few minutes away from my sister's, so I only had to hear his heartwrenching crying for a short amount of time (unlike our 45 minute ride to Fresno last time). He freaked, as I knew he would, but then settled down and I thought all was well... until I tried to sleep. and he decided to wake me up crying. once an hour. every hour. all. night. long. Hence the need for caffeine. I know he'll calm down after about a week, but man, it's going to be a rough freaking week.

In other news, my pinky is JACKED. No clue how it happend. It was a bit sore yesterday but I woke up this morning and it had blown up like an inflatable frosty at Christmas time, was so red and hot I literally thought it was on fire and painful, my freaking god, does it hurt. What happened? No clue. But I've got some serious inflammation issues here people.

Ok, so the picture kind of sucks, but you can see it a little bit, and frankly, I'd just like to point out my dedication here b/c it really hurts to type with this sucker and you don't realize how important that last little digit on your hand is until it notifies you of it's usage with a lovely sting of pain each time it's used.
I had something else I was going to discuss, but I'm so focused on my finger right now that I forgot. Oops.


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