Who says good deeds never go unpunished

Move Day One:

I have the most awesome family ever. For reals. They had my storage unit unloaded, we drove across town and had it all loaded into my apartment in just under 60 minutes. Amazing.  I felt completely useless because every time I went to get something or move something, someone else was already there.  But now begins the process of finding a place for everything.  It took me about 2 hours just to find a proper place for all of my books (yeah, yeah, I know, I'm completely anal and OCD). Ugh, here's to hoping I can wrap most of it up tomorrow, because it'd be seriously nice to just be done with it all. But my apartment, is totally... still... awesome.

I went into Michael's tonight to look for some flowers to put in a vase, and I found a couple, then headed to the check out. There was this older lady who sidled up right when I did, so I thought I'd do my good deed for the day and let her go in front of me. Never. Again. NEVER again. Not only did she argue and insist with the checker for like 5 minutes about the price of one thing, but then she proceeded to pick u like 4 cans of glow-stick bracelets, which of course had to be keyed in b/c they won't scan. FINALLY she pays, but then proceeds to argue some more with the checker b/c the flower petals she bought were on sale, but she also had a 40% coupon, so she wanted to know why she didn't the 40% on top of the sale price. Oi. The poor checker kept explaining that you can't get the extra percentage off on a sale item, but that she actually saved 0.40 cents MORE than if she just bought them on sale. I wanted to stab myself in the freaking face. That's what I get for being nice. See, now you understand why I'm sarcastic, snarky and mean most of the time.

In other news, it's god damn hot in this valley now. I know I shouldn't complain, because it's almost July and we're barely getting real summer weather, but I'm going to complain anyways, because I was sweaty and slightly gross all freaking day. Welcome to the devil's crotch that is the Valley ladies and gents, summer has arrived.

Lastly, I absolutely am in love with the new season of True Blood, particularly the humor they're bringing in to it. Take this little interlude:

Eric: Is there blood in my hair?
Lafeyette: A little.
Eric: This is bad. Pam's going to kill me.

hahahaah, ok perhaps it's only funny if you see it in context, but for reals, major laugh out loudage going on with that scene. Also, just found out that the guy who plays Jason, and is incredibly beautiful, is Australian. Holy crow.


Megan Lauriana said...

Man... I really want to see the first season of TrueBlood... is it out on DVD yet??

Katie said...

Pam was really pissed...looking forward to my online watching of True Blood tomorrow! Then we'll discuss. :)

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