The verdict came in, apparently my boobs can save the world

Wow, seriously, insomnia, you fucking blow. I haven't had a decent nights sleep since sometime last week and frankly, it's getting real old real quick. But whatever, such is my life.

As you can tell by the previous post, if you have no idea what I mean, check out a little ode to Billy Madison right here. Anyways, the semester has started and while I do not fear my classes being difficult because honestly nothing in this world can be as difficult as taking (and passing thankyouverymuch) Organic Chemistry and Physics at the same time, I fear them taking up WAY too much of my already limited time. Of course it's my own dumbass fault for taking 19 credits, which if read properly says "Anna is a complete dip shit". Read it again, I swear. So it's likely I won't be able to go back to working weekends at the zoo, which makes me even more sad because I love going to that place, despite not being able to sleep in, because it's the only opportunity I have around here to be around the kind of animals I want to work with. BIGFATSIGH. Bah.

ANYWAYS, the reason this started off talking abooot my inability to sleep and thus function as a semi-normal person, is to say that because of it, I had to hit up starbucks today around 8:30 (mind you I was at work at 6:00). Frap in hand, I'm at the stoplight to head back to work and this huge bread truck is turning through the intersection.... so I wait... and he stares at me... and I wait some more... and he keeps staring (which is really unnerving, I thought maybe I had a giant boogey hanging out but then realized he probably couldn't see THAT well into my car) until he realizes that, oh holy fuckballs, he's about to hit the median. HAHAHA, I laughed so hard I cried. It was kind of amazing. Alexis told me I should have flashed him so that he would have knocked the truck over, thus spilling bread onto the street and feeding all the starving children around. So apparently, by showing my boobs, I can fill the bellies of needy children. Why wasn't this newsflash sent out sooner? Or maybe that's what all the guys with "show your tits" written on paperplates are trying to do at the coast? naaaaaaah.

Today was my first day out at the swine unit and the moment I told Katie that she goes "Oh, that reminds me of that one security camera story..." to which I laughed and said "The pig fucker!" If I've never told you this story, where've you been? It's gross and funny and disturbing all at the same time. Kind of like me... I mean...


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