A lesson learned and it only cost me $4.99 plus tax to fix

Apparently, you're actually supposed to READ the tags attached to things to find out how to properly clean them. Note here how this one says "Spot Clean Only"....

Which would be why, when I put it in the washer it you know, BLED all over everything else in there. After 3 washes it looked a bit like this...

Note the bright white looking rug, which would be the new one I purchased at Target today.

Well played rug, well played.

The Happening is on HBO and man, ok, seriously, if only I'd have had a teacher that looked like Mr. Marky Mark, DAMN Gina, damn. Now I'm off to the grocery store, I have a hankering to do some yummy dinner cooking and maybe some dessert baking. Time to put this new cookbook to use!


Katie said...

Marky MARK! That movie would have been way better if he had been shirtless. Seriously.

And the rug issue? Has totally happened to me before, which is why I have now switched to solid colored kitchen rugs. And then they still bleed, and dye the tags, and may become slightly (only slightly) orangey instead of red. :)

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