I am Jack's insomnia

Points of fact:
1. People in this town cannot drive.

2. Do NOT yell at me when you turned in front of me to go the opposite direction and apparently felt like I needed to slow down so you could in fact go into the other lane of traffic. Your stupidity is not my fault.

3. Carmel Fraps are the gift from the gods.

4. My cat is going to be hairless pretty soon if he doesn't let me get some sleep.

5. AT&T is going to either a.) get some strongly worded letters and phone calls b.) lose a customer or c.) both, if this internet situation at my place is not resolved. soon.

6. I'm already so stressed out about this semester and it hasn't even started yet that it's ridiculous.

7. I haven't been to the gym in several days and it's kind of killing me a little on the inside.

8. The fact that my car tags went up 60 bucks chaps my ass so bad, I don't even have words to describe it.

9. Jean shopping is the worst thing on the planet.

10. I feel worse about item #7 considering the volume of Superior's Cookies ice cream I ate last night to help calm the stress.

There is this drawing at work, that has been driving me kind of crazy with hilarity for basically the entire time I've been back, so about 2 months. Take a gander.

Did you take a good long gander??? Now, my friends, what the hell does that look like to you?! Yes, yes, it's ok you can admit it. It looks like a cooter-pooter. A Vag. A whatever you want to call it, THAT is what I see everytime I walk through the reception area. A freaking vagina. And I'm not the only one who thinks this thankyouverymuch.

Now I'm going to go drink some more caffeine, pop an ibuprofen, crawl under my desk and curl up in the fetal position. Don't mind the whimpering.


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