Let's not see round 5 mmkay pumkin?

Round Four: Anna vs AT&T
Total Duration: 00:34:42 (of my life that I will never get back)
Issues: Transfered only once (thankfully), 3 way called (weird), HORRIFIC mouth breather.
Result: So far internet working (apparently they are completely MORONIC and allowed me to sign up for the fastest service when I can't actually get it b/c I'm too far from their base blah blah blabbity freaking blah. Basically, downgraded service is supposed to fix my issues). Generally after I call it works for like a day or two, so we shall wait and see...

The other day on my way to work I saw this girl... standing in the median... wearing camo pants, like literally, she was a floating torso, it was insane. Anyways, clearly she's trying to cross the street CLEARLY, but she's kind of crouched down and looks like she's about to use some highly skilled military maneuvers to make it across the street. She was using those shrubs as cover and waiting for the right moment to make her move. Well played floating torso lady, well played.

Um, that's all I've got, other than this week is pretty much going to blow. The funny bone is missing tonight, all I've got is this pile-o-self-pity. Damn.


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