Houston, we had a problem, you did nothing to fix it, so thankfully I'm brilliant and did it my own damn self

As promised... No Doubt vids! Uh, yeah, I know it kind of took forever, but blame that on my rondoness for not checking to make sure that all the chords and shit to my internet were working properly and could be what was interfering with my ability to use said internet AT&T not sending me new shit when I reconnected my internet. I think all is well with it now, but only time will tell I suppose. Hmm..

There's more stuff I'm sure I could say or whatever, but it's like past 10:30 and this Cinderella is going to turn into a pumpkin if she doesn't get to bed soon, either that or I'm going to stab the first person I see in the morning because I'll be that cranky unpleasant tired happy to be awake bright and early on a Monday morning.

Thank god for caffeine.

Oh, and this weekend was the first time I've let the cat out side since we moved to the new place and it seems to be going alright. He came back, which is a testament to his character that he actually came back to live with me when he had the choice to run. I'm not sure he digs the new neighborhood though because he's inside, passed out on the bed again after only being outside for a couple hours. Or I'm that entertaining. Nah..


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