Total. Random. Shit.

Best Quote: "I finally showed Shelly 'My Wena' and she loved it!" - Denise
Dumbest way I've hurt myself: Smashed my left foot in my car door... wearing flip-flops... trying to get INTO my car. Yeah.
Most exciting thing: Getting a B+ on my first biochem exam! and the weather, seriously.
Song stuck in my head: "Boys, Boys, Boys" by Lady GaGa

Um... and there are other things I could share, but that's you know, like the important shit. There was something totally funny that happened that I was going to share, but as usual, I forgot to post about it like right away, and now I forgot, because I'm an asshole like that.

OH, but I can share that I had the most wickedly frightening and yet totally intriguing dream Sunday night. I had a dream that 2 fellas, who I apparently knew but now couldn't tell you who they were, put me in a freaking mental institution. I kept trying to escape, and screaming at them like I wasn't crazy, but they kept telling me I would be ok, I just needed to let them help me as they locked my ass repeatedly in a padded cell and I somehow managed to escape and kept flogging them and telling them I wasn't crazy which I'm SURE only made them think I was more and more crazy and then I woke up. Yeah. I think my subconscious is trying to tell me I'm going nuts, but meh, I could be mistaken.

Happy hump day.


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