10 weeks and counting...

Ok so yes, yes I'm busy. Yes I have to schedule my life, like, kind of down to the minute. Does it blow? Yes. Is it just a sad fact? Yes. Does this make me happy? No. I have 3 exams this week which means reading, studying, etc. plus class, work, life and empty weekends that are filling up faster than I can blink. Next week? 2 exams. In a couple weeks I'm driving to Tucson for Cassie's wedding, and that week? I have 3 tests. My life is being consumed by tests! So please, stop giving me crap about things, mmkay? I'm trying here folks, I'm trying. I can't be in six places at once and I can't function on zero sleep because the small amount I get now is trying enough and sadly, I want to do well in my classes, all of them, all 19 units worth of them, which means I need to do work. Suck suck annnnd suck.

So here's me, treading water. 10 more weeks to go. Bare with me ya'll.

And so this isn't a total downer, this weekend I paraded around downtown Hanford wearing a clown nose, cause I'm awesome like that. Also? I have a mystery bruise, on the side of my knee, in the crease where my leg bends and it's HUGE and purple and hurts like a biznatch. How did it get there? Seriously, you'd think I'd remember whacking my leg right there? wtf?


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