It's an epidemic, or pandemic, or just a freaking conspiracy.

Fucking eh it's been like, a millenia since I blogged. Whatever. It's really because my life isn't that exciting. Unless you consider the fact that my insomnia is back exciting. I don't. And if you do, you're an asshole so get the hell out of here. Jerk. And I hate that I don't realize I'm not going to be able to sleep until it's too late to pop some freaking tylenol pm, b/c I'd love some of that shit right now, however, I'd be lights out until WAY past when I'm supposed to be at work ,which if you're counting, is just over 6 hours from now. UUUUUGGGHHH. (This could possibly be why I shouldn't allow myself to go to bed between 1-2 am during the weekends because my body's clock gets JACKED, but whatever, a girl's got to have fun sometimes.)

Ok so today Megan and I went shopping and basically the world hates me. Case #1: In American Eagle looking around, find cute top on bottom rack, set soda on shelf and grab top, touch shelf and SEND SODA FUCKING FLYING ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE AND SHELF CRASHING DOWN ON MY HEAD. Really? REALLY?! So then I feel/look like a total jackass as I'm running this dripping cup of soda out of the store leaving what totally looks like a pee-pee trail behind me (it was diet pepsi, honestly people) and then back in apologizing to the workers and begging for paper towels to clean up my mess. Case #2: Leave AE with little dignity in tact and enter NY&Co. Wander around, and somehow manage to rip my pinky toe off on one of the sale racks. Um, wow. Case #3: Go to payless, box of shoes jumps off the damn shelf at me. Case #4: Get shanked in the butt by a metal hanging display thing in Wet Seal. Case #5: uhh... something happened in Old Navy but now I can't remember. So, as you can see either the world truly wants to end me, or perhaps just maim me, or is telling me not to go shopping. But whatever, I made it out alive (sucker) and before I ran out of money. So HA!

This upcoming weekend I'm going to SF to see 2, count them 1. 2. concerts! Yippee! The Killers and then Blink 182 and Weezer. SO stoked. It's going to be awesome. And this past Saturday the college football season started, which basically rocks my world, and means that it's time to see some live games. Hell freaking yes. I swear, I'm such a boy. AND Kasey Kahne, totally won the race on Sunday. Damn, great month so far September, keep it up (minus those 2 tests I have coming up next week. Those, September, blow. Work on it.)

Normally here is where I'd try to leave you with some parting words of wisdom or witty repetoire, but I am so stinking tired that my brain will not function properly and YET cannot pass out. FML, seriously. Who's bringing me starbucks in the am? anyone? ANYONE? Grande Carmel Frap Lite? Please? Ugh, assholes.


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