an ode to lists.

A random series of events and thoughts that have occurred recently in my life in no apparent order.

1. I never ever want to paint a wine glass again after painting 49 of them.

2. The Magnificient Mel came to visit from London...and I miss her already.

3. My apartment is a giant crap hole since Mel left and I'll I've been doing is crafting for the baby shower.

4. My nephew is scheduled to arrive in 4 weeks!

5. Tissue pom-poms are the crafter's crack.

6. I spent even more money on graduation buy purchasing my cap, gown, announcements, etc. Highway robbery.

7. I've learned I basically suck at life.

8. Jury duty has to be one of the most boring things I've ever encountered in my life, particularly when you get picked for the panel and spend 2 days listening to 4 people say the same thing over and over again.

9. I loathe meetings of any kind (work wise, meetings for coffee dates = totally acceptable).

10. A bird massacre occured in my living room (guess who the culprit of THAT one was).

11. I'm under attack from mosquito eaters in my house (yes, I mean THESE things!).

12. It's been hot the past couple of days and I find myself wanting to sit in a pool with a large adult beverage and forget my troubles for awhile.

13. I think the people who work at Michael's are beginning to know me by name.

14. Frabjous Friday is my absolute favorite thing.

the end.


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