it's no 31 flavors, but it's a scoop none the less.

Here's the dealio. Things have kind of spun drastically in one direction and then in another in the past week and a half or so and I'm not quite sure all of my organs, limbs, etc. have caught up to today.

If you'd have approached me a week or so ago, I might not have been the most jolly of characters.  After some bloody crushing rejections in the grad school arena and realizations of what was going to be in store, needless to say I was not in the most pleasant of moods. And then? I sent some emails. I got an email back. I had a phone interview. I sent off an application. I got an offer to be a graduate research assistant. I get to pay instate tuition. I get a small living stipend.

I'm moving.

To Texas.

Texas, y'all. Like woah. All in a week. It's funny how things can change in a week. Now I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that not only did I actually manage to get into a grad program but that I'm going to get paid to do my research. And I'm moving. Possibly sooner rather than later. I have the opportunity to get a jump (a paid jump) on my research if I want to head east this summer.

Now, if only Uhaul's or any moving truck really didn't cost over $1,000 to use for out of state, one way travel, things would be looking much better. But for now, I'll just focus on the positive.

Don't mess with Texas.


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