an open letter to grocery chains.

Dear Savemarts and other potential grocery chains,

It would be incredibly helpful if you put the fucking BREAD crumbs in the BREAD aisle and not in some random ass aisle that no one would ever think of to look down. And thus, they wouldn't spend 5 minutes pacing up and down the bread aisle, calling their mother to make sure that yes, in fact you can buy bread crumbs, and then feel slightly moronic when having to ask someone where they are kept.


In other news, my new recipe tonight that did not call for those breadcrumbs, turned out quite spectacularly. I attempted a thai dish that I absolutely love, called Pad See Ew. Now, mine didn't look quite that good, but it actually tasted pretty swell. I couldn't find the right noodles and there was actually a moment with the replacement noodles that was a little harry, and then I could only find 1 of the soy sauces needed and had to substitute with a different sauce, but seriously, it was delish! But I didn't take a picture because it definitely didn't look super yummy.

While at the grocery store, after wandering around FOREVER looking for those damn bread crumbs, I passed by what is probably a gallon sized bottle of my favorite wine. I may have purchased it in defiance against those bastard crumbs, and might already be one moderately (read incredibly) large glass in and contemplating another one.

And still no word on those last 2 schools.

I might need to go buy a few more gallons of this wine.


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