it might be time to slap out of it.

I feel like I've been eaten by marmots, spit out, trampled by a polar bear, rolled in saw dust and forced to walk from the Arctic to California.

I am so exhausted.

Between the packing, the visiting, the cleaning and purging, the attempts to run at the gym, the yard sale prepping (which don't even get me started on because motherfucker it rained on the ONE day we advertised for our sale and then the next?? sunny as can be....really? no, really?), the baby loves visits, wrapping up work stuff, and the trying to find someone to move my shit for less than what I could sell my kidney for on the black market...there has been little time to sleep.

The good news is that I've settled on a mover. I still have to mortgage my life most likely, but I can deal.

The other pile of good news is that I got rid of a ton of stuff this weekend and have just a few more items to sell and I'll be in good shape.

The last bit of good news is that it's been determined I CAN dismantle my most favoritest piece of furniture, my project table, which means I can take it with me. Sorry movers, eat your Wheaties when you cart my shit in and out and up those stairs because that bitch is beast.

My official acceptance letter came in the mail, which was pretty exciting. And I finally received my financial aid package (oh hello student loans, we meet again) so I can officially pay for this little adventure. Things are starting to fall into place.

If only it wasn't at the expense of my sleep. But all I have to do is hang out with this guy and it's all good.

But you know what's NOT ok? Setting your DVR to record the 2 hour season premier of Ice Road Truckers (stop judging me you asshole), popping your popcorn, finding a cozy spot in bed and tuning in to your recording only to discover that your asshat of a DVR wigged out and only recorded 29 minutes of it! So you have to find when it replays and record it....again....and wait another day to watch it. I am not a patient person. Oh DVR, why are you doing me dirty? Is it because I'm mailing you back to the mothership in a couple weeks? Please don't hate me.

One guess what I'll be doing tonight.


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