there's a will, there's a way, and then sometimes there's just a lot of people who make you smile.

I know everyone probably says this or thinks it, but in this case it's true. I have the best friends and family on the planet. For realsies.

After many long, sometimes painful, years, I finally gradated from a university in December. Yet, despite my diploma hanging on the wall it didn't feel "real" until yesterday when I actually heard my name called and walked across the stage to shake my dean's hand. Weird, right? And I have proof! (Well, at least that I purchased a cap and gown, eh?)

Best part of the whole actual graduation day? My biggest fan came :)

And then today we had a party and my kick ass friends and family showed up en mass to not only wish me well but spend their entire Saturday afternoon with me. For those of you who read this I am incredibly grateful and only sorry that I couldn't spend quality one on one time with all of you today. I am honestly surrounded by some of the most caring and generous people in the world and there are not enough words to describe how awesome y'all are.

And after two days of excitement I am completely exhausted. It's time for some wine and some z's, and possibly some hair ball medicine because my cat is shedding so bad that I know there is no way to avoid the thought that I am ingesting more than I'd like to imagine. Barf.


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