Aren't you supposed to return from vacation refreshed! rejuvenated! and ready to go?

Apparently my body and mind missed that memo because I am in a francrappingtactalistically shitty mood.

I am exhausted since my flight got in late, and then when I got home I had to pay a week's worth of missed attention to the little furry prince, who then deemed it necessary when I had finally unpacked and was able to curl up in bed around midnight or later, to wake me up about every hour or so. Just to make sure I knew he knew I was there I guess.

Then there's the fact that right before vacation I received my first grad school rejection email. And then mid-way through vacation got my second one, so things are NOT looking good. Three more to go and I feel like vomiting. Profusely.

So of course flying home meant a return to all these lovely bits of reality and lip chewing circumstances when I'd rather be back on vacation watching cougar town and drinking wine.

Tomorrow I shall attempt to perk up and post some vacation photos. For now, it's grocery store and laundry time. Balls.


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